1. Are ZEN personal diffusers a vape?

No, ZEN personal diffusers are an aromatherapy device and not be used a supplement to smoking. ZEN personal diffusers contain zero nicotine, diacetyl, or any artificial flavourings. Our all natural blends are third-party tested.

2. What is Melatonin diffuser?

ZEN melatonin diffusers work as a portable aromatherapy device. Each device contains a natural blend of melatonin, chamomile, lavender and healthy essential oils. The diffuser is activated by inhaling through the mouth-tip.

As you inhale, the aromatherapy formula diffuses into a mist containing melatonin and essential oils. As you breath in, hold for 3 seconds before exhaling.

3. What is Melatonin?
Melatonin is a hormone that controls sleep-awakening processes. For the short-term treatment of wakefulness. Our pineal gland mainly synthesises melatonin and activates it often at night to make falling asleep easier. Melatonin has significant antioxidant effects, in addition to good sleep support. It has been shown to support immune wellbeing, healthy brain development and more.

4. What is Caffeine?
Caffeine is most commonly present in tea, coffee and cacao plants as a natural stimulant. It functions by helping you remain alert and avoiding the onset of exhaustion by relaxing the brain and central nervous system.

5. What is Oryzanol?
People are using it as a drug. Gamma oryzanol is used to treat elevated cholesterol and signs of menopause and ageing. Some people use it to boost testosterone levels and human growth hormone levels, as well as to improve strength during resistance exercise preparation.

6. How do ZEN diffusers work?

ZEN diffusers are very easy to use. Simply remove the safety seals and inhale through your mouth. As you breath in, hold for 3 seconds before exhaling. It is recommended that you take 5 - 10 puffs, depending on your requirements. 

Give your body some time to feel the effects.

7. How long does each diffuser last?
Each diffuser should last about a month and contains 300 puffs.

These are not vapes and should not be as a vape.

8. How does ZEN improve your well-being?
We advise you to monitor your daily and sleeping habits well and make healthy lifestyle decisions that play an important role in your health outcomes. We strongly believe that life is all about balance. Your body performs at optimally when you have just the right about of sleep, energy and calmness.

9. What makes ZEN convenient?
No leaking. No filling. No charging. No buttons. No wattage control or complicated functions. No drugs. Take it on-the-go with you.